Problems on Sentense Correction

In this type of verbal ability questions, there will be a grammatically incorrect sentence. You are required to replace the underlined grammatically incorrect part of the sentence with one of the given options to make it grammatically correct.

1) He was very tired as he is working since 6 O’ clock in the morning.

  1. he was working
  2. he had been working
  3. he has been working
  4. he will be working

2) Jeans was not allowed in Maria’s college.

  1. is
  2. had
  3. were
  4. will

3) The girl to who I sold my car was very honest.

  1. to who I sell
  2. to whom I sold
  3. to who I sold
  4. to whom I sell

4) The teacher told Alice to skim the chapter one more time.

  1. invited Alice
  2. asked Alice
  3. ordered Alice
  4. said to Alice

5) All neighbors was introduced to the bride.

  1. has introduced
  2. introduced
  3. have introduced
  4. were introduced

6) Because of his mastery in yoga, his yoga academy have grown in popularity.

  1. were growing
  2. is grow
  3. is growing
  4. has growing

7) Young men and women should get habit to waking up early in the morning.

  1. used
  2. trained
  3. prepared
  4. practice

8) The small girl does whatever her mother was done.

  1. has did
  2. do
  3. had done
  4. does

9) Maria’s fans were all shocked at her failure in the Olympics.

  1. shocked by
  2. had shocked all at
  3. were shocked at all
  4. None of the above

10) The population of China is higher than that of all other country in the world.

  1. higher than all other
  2. higher than all other
  3. greatest than all
  4. higher than that of any other

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