Problems on Ordering of Words

In this type of verbal ability questions, there will be a sentence with jumbled up parts labeled A, B, C, and D. You are required to arrange these parts to form a meaningful sentence.

Solved ‘ordering of words’ verbal ability questions:

1) A month after colleges opened……

A. 35% seats reserved under OBC
B. in private colleges
C. for the next academic year
D. remain vacant

  1. CBDA
  2. CADB
  3. ADBC
  4. BADC

2) Panic gripped the people

A. of the village
B. beside the city
C. on Friday
D. after the terrorist attack

  1. CABD
  2. BACD
  3. ABCD
  4. ACDB

3) The water tanks may remain empty

A. on Tuesday evening
B. in the city
C. will repair the damaged water pipes
D. as the water supply department

  1. BADC
  2. BACD
  3. DBAC
  4. ADCB

4) An advertisement in the newspaper said that

A. fully furnished apartments
B. air-conditioned
C. are available for
D. the gentlemen of taste

  1. ABCD
  2. DCBA
  3. BCDA
  4. BACD

5) The shopkeeper

A. whom he had cheated
B. did not listen to the
C. who weighs less
D. protests of customers

  1. BDCA
  2. CBAD
  3. CBDA
  4. BDCA

6) People

A. this hospital
B. come to
C. from different cities
D. for medicine and treatment

  1. DABC
  2. BADC
  3. ADBC
  4. CBAD

7) We have

A. to help
B. our customers
C. attendants with instructions
D. promptly and politely

  1. CABD
  2. BACD
  3. ACBD
  4. DACB

8) Dance classes

A. in the village
B. have ensured that children can learn dance
C. without traveling all the way
D. to expensive dance academies located in the city

  1. CBAD
  2. ABCD
  3. DCBA
  4. CABD

9) With the continuous rains

A. the right wardrobes
B. of wearing
C. comes the challenge
D. in the city

  1. DBAC
  2. DCBA
  3. CDBA
  4. ADCB

10) Today with advancement

A. for computer science graduates
B. in the field of computer science
C. there a are plethora of opportunities
D. and belief of one world

  1. CDAB
  2. CBDA
  3. BDCA
  4. DBCA

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