Problems on Ordering of Sentences

In this type of verbal ability questions, a sentence is broken down into six incomplete sentences, between the first and sixth sentence, there will be four incomplete sentences (A, B, C, and D or P, Q, R and S). You are required to arrange these sentences in a most appropriate sequence so that it forms a meaningful sentence.

Rishikesh is a beautiful hill station located beside the Himalayas

P: There are many ancient temples
Q: in the North of India
R: along the banks of the sacred river the Ganges
S: that flows through the city.

Furthermore, the city is also known for many famous yoga ashrams.

  1. SRPQ
  2. QPRS
  3. PQSR
  4. RSPQ

A man who was living alone always had two plates on the dinner table.

P: One evening when he sat down to dine, the dog rushed into the room
Q: He used to give the dog a piece of meat from his plate
R: One plate was for him, and the other was for his dog
S: and dropped a piece of cheese into his plate and another piece of cheese into his master’s plate.

Thus, the dog showed gratitude to his master.

  1. RPSQ
  2. QPSR
  3. RQPS
  4. SQPR

When a satellite is launched, the rocket goes up slowly through the air

P: as the atmosphere becomes thinner.
Q: The higher it moves, the less air it meets
R: as a result, friction is less.
S: As the rocket moves higher, its speed increases

Thus, the rocket does not heat up.

  1. SQPR
  2. PRQS
  3. SRPQ
  4. RPQS

Obesity is one of the major reasons for hypertension.

A. WHO says, one in three adults suffers from hypertension
B. This health issue is about five times more common in obese people than those who are lean.
C. Understand that the intra-abdominal fat significantly affects the metabolism
D. as this fat may cause hypertension with increased blood lipids levels.

Thus, obese people must take appropriate measures to control or reduce their weight.

  1. ACDB
  2. CDBA
  3. ABCD
  4. BACD

Once the prince met a beautiful fisher girl

P: The prince got disappointed and returned home with a broken heart
Q: he went to meet the fisherman to express the desire to marry his daughter
R: he fell in love with that girl
S: The fisherman agreed for the marriage on one condition that the son of his daughter should be the heir to the throne.

The king asked the prince the reason for his sadness.

  1. QRSP
  2. SPRQ
  3. RQSP
  4. PQRS

Green vegetables are good for health

P: If you want to live a healthy life,
Q: as these vegetable are high in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.
R: Prefer seasonal vegetables over preserved non-seasonal vegetables.
S: you must include green vegetables in your diet.

For example, spinach, fenugreek, mustard in the winter season.

  1. QPSR
  2. SRQP
  3. RSQP
  4. SQRP

The leader of the villagers said that

P: In order to make them technically proficient in the job they take up.
Q: to provide training to people of the villages
R: in different jobs.
S: the government should make arrangements

Thus, they can be more financially stable.

  1. QPRS
  2. SQRP
  3. QRSP
  4. RSQP

A city located amidst green hills should be full of greenery

A. But, instead of greenery, in Pune, you will see treeless roads, concrete cover and barren land.
B. It shows that human and allied activities are denuding the city’s green cover.
C. As per the Environment Status Report for 2012-13 the civic body’s claim of taking eco-friendly measures to protect greenery is baseless.
D. The city is expanding, and building and wide roads are coming up.

This is not good for the greener cover of the city, the report said.

  1. BCAD
  2. DCBA
  3. ACDB
  4. ADCB

Five-star hotels and premium restaurants have decided to revise their menu card rates

A. From meats and seafood to curries, cheese, more than 50% of the cuisines at these restaurants are imported and do not have local substitutes.
B. Premium hotels and restaurants use imported food ingredients to delight the taste buds of their customers
C. as due to the weak rupee the cost of the imported food ingredients and spices is increased
D. The rupee devaluation has affected the import.

As a result, they are revising the menu, without shifting the entire burden to the customers.

  1. ABCD
  2. CBAD
  3. BCAD
  4. DBAC

During monsoon, when humidity is high, we often do not drink the required amount of water which may cause dehydration.

A. Consuming an adequate amount of water and other liquids a day is essential to keep our organs working properly.
B. Adding some salt, spices, lemon, can make water more palatable.
C. The lime juice, which is high in Vitamin C, can improve our immunity in the monsoon season.
D. It is suggested people should drink different types of juices and drinks to keep themselves hydrated.

So, do not reduce the water intake in monsoons.

  1. CBAD
  2. CABD
  3. ADCB
  4. ADBC

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