Problems on Comprehension

In Comprehension verbal ability questions, there will be a passage followed by a set of questions. The questions are based on the information contained in the passage. You are required to interpret the passage and choose the most appropriate answers for the questions.


Harry who is a professional had a fearful dream. He found himself in a land where he saw some slug-like animals with tentacles living on human bodies. The people tolerated these creatures because after many years they would grow into bulls which then be used for transportation. Harry noticed that he himself was covered with these creatures and he woke up screaming.

Question 1: In the dream, Harry found the creatures

  1. in his office
  2. in a different land
  3. in his kitchen
  4. in a different planet

Question 2: what did the creatures look like?

  1. slug-like animals with horns
  2. insects with wings
  3. insects with tentacles
  4. slug-like animals with tentacles

Question 3: Harry’s dream was fearful because

  1. It brought him face to face with elephants
  2. He found himself on a land full of snakes
  3. He forgets the way home
  4. He saw creatures feeding on human bodies

Question 4: The creatures will grow into bulls which then will be used for

  1. digging
  2. hunting
  3. transportation
  4. flying

Question 5: Harry woke up

  1. dancing
  2. screaming
  3. thinking
  4. singing

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