Idioms and Phrases

In this type of verbal ability questions, an idiom or proverb is given with different meanings of it. You are required to choose the correct meaning of the proverb/idiom out of the given options.

Solved Idioms and Phrases verbal ability questions:

1) To cry wolf

  1. to speak loudly
  2. to eat like a wolf
  3. to get afraid
  4. to give a false alarm

2) To keep one’s temper

  1. remain calm despite being upset or angry
  2. gets angry quickly
  3. to preserve happiness
  4. none of the above

3) To have an axe to grind

  1. to have a selfish reason for doing something
  2. to hide a secret
  3. to have full control of a situation
  4. able to arouse interest

4) To catch a tartar

  1. to meet with disaster
  2. to fall sick
  3. to accomplish a difficult task
  4. to deal with someone who proves unexpectedly powerful

5) To end in smoke

  1. to burn oneself
  2. to die of hunger
  3. to come to nothing
  4. to become angry

6) To be above board

  1. to be honest and not trying to deceive anyone
  2. to have a good height
  3. to be free of debts
  4. looking beautiful

7) To put one’s hand to plough

  1. to irritate others
  2. to take a difficult task
  3. to take interest in painting
  4. to get engaged in unnecessary tasks

8) To pick holes

  1. to irritate someone
  2. to praise someone
  3. to criticize someone
  4. to disappoint someone

9) To leave someone in the lurch

  1. to desert someone in a difficult situation
  2. to entertain someone
  3. to deceive someone
  4. to dislike someone

10) To play second fiddle

  1. to come at the second position
  2. to take a subordinate position to another person
  3. to get the second chance
  4. feeling sad

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