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Developer Staff asked 3 years ago

What are your goals?

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Developer Staff answered 3 years ago

I have always heard that it is better to divide your goal into short term and long term. So let me start first with my short term goals. My short term goal is to find an organization which gives me an opportunity to show my talent, skills, and experience for the betterment for the organization and my long term plans are I want to reach a position where I become a decision-maker through my sincerity, honesty, commitment, and dedication.

Developer Staff answered 3 years ago

I have two goals, the first one is the short-term goal and the second one is a long-term goal.

My short-term goal is to get a job in a well-reputed company like yours to learn a new set of skills and the long-term goal is to be in a reputed position in that organization.